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December 3, 2010
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KH The Beginning

Long before the heartless were obscure shadows who feed on hearts, they were peaceful magical light creatures; their strong magic was the one that kept all the worlds united, protected, spreading affection, love, joy and hope to everyone. They were named "Guardians of light", friendly and kind hearted, good-natured, they preformed noble deeds; it was rare if any one saw them. They lived in a world separate from human kind, and in peace.
It seemed that everything was perfect, but there was a man with selfish greed who desired to have the "Guardians of light's" magical powers to control all the worlds.  His name was Ascott, a very powerful magician who once was a teacher; his longing for knowledge made his greed for power grow more and more. He studied the "Guardians of light", since his magic allowed him to travel to any world. The "Guardians of light" cherished him, and treated him like their own kind, accepted him in their family, but they didn't see his greed. Ascott with the time started creating a machine that would drain the "Guardians of light's" magic, taking their hearts and giving the powers to him, his greed grew so much his heart got blind, making him careless on what would happen to the "Guardians of light", if he was betraying them, and the catastrophes that would happen to all the worlds.  He just wanted to be the most powerful living humanoid, having complete control on everything, although the machine would take some years to finish…  Meanwhile in another world …
-"Faster, hit harder, jump higher!" "Move, move, move!" Master Clef said loudly.
-"Master Clef this is hard work, why do we train too much?!" Miyuki said bummed out.
-"I know, I mean we are just 16, teenagers don't like work, we are lazier lol" Kotarou said half tired.
-"Oh come on guys, training is helpful, don't be lazy   bums, besides this is fun lol!" Misuki said with an optimist smile.
-"We've been training for hours, you're crazy Misuki" Miyuki said joking and laughing.
-"You're just too delicate Miyuki, afraid to break a nail? lol"  Misuki said joking back.
Kotarou -"lol, well it is fun training, but we have been training for a long time, what are we training for Master Clef?"
Master Clef-"You guys don't question, just train, I assure all your training is for a great cause, to avoid the darkness in one putrid heart infect, encumber, demolish other strong hearts with powerful dinginess, turning them all in to heart-starving shadows, who will destroy the unity and peace of all worlds." "You may rest for now, go on home" he said with a smile.
Master Clef was Ascott's twin brother, he was also a magician (but not as strong as his bro.), he knew about the other worlds, about the "Guardians of light", and what his brother was up to, but he never talked about it much. Master Clef just wanted to avoid the "Guardians of light" turning into heartless creatures capable of destroying worlds, Ascott drained part of Master Clef's magic, and for that reason Clef could not fight. There for he was training Miyuki (she possessed a magic staff), Misuki (she possessed a staff-sword) and Kotarou (he possessed a sword).
Master Clef mean while was creating swords that would be the keys for sealing the world's hearts (keyholes) in case his brother Ascott would turn the "Guardians of light" into heartless.  They all had different names, and were many, but all were known as keyblades, two of them were the source of the others, those two were the most powerful in hands of their chosen one,, they are the "Keyblade" (kingdom key, that would choose Sora later on) and the "Heartblade" ( another kingdom key, that would choose Ashley later on). Master Clef sealed them away in necklaces, one with the shape of a crown and the other with the shape of a heart…
Near the ocean in a late-warm peaceful afternoon, next to some palm trees….  
Kotarou- "This is the best summer I have ever had, what more could I want?, I'm eating ice cream next to my best friends, watching the sun slowly disappear in the clear orange-yellowish sky full of dreams." He said putting his hand on his head.
Misuki-"That's right!" she said with a giggle "Still I wonder what Master Clef meant by:  darkness in one putrid heart infect, encumber, demolish other strong hearts, making them heat starving shadows??, what we are training so hard to avoid"  She said curiously.
Miyuki-"Don't worry he always speaks with metaphorical words, I'm sure its nothing too big for us not to handle, anyway GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!"  She said with excitement.
Kotarou- "Ah no! you girls stay away form me lol" he said joking  "Dam I know I am good looking, but you girls cant just jump on me like that lol" he said starting to run and laughing as he  sticks his tongue out turning to see Misuki and Miyuki, "lets see if you girls can catch me hahahaha"
Miyuki- "after him!!!!!!!!!!!!"  She said with a giggle.
Misuki- "he's not getting away! lol, this is going to be fun!" she said with a cute smile.
And that's how the golden summer ended, the 3 friends running towards the horizon…..

To be continued…..
its kinda short, im not that good writting stories ^^; but well i like it so far, its about before the heartless were shadows (before KH BBS), a story abot kairi's parents and ashley's, i hope you guys enjoy! ill be writting more later! :meow:
kairi's parents: Miyuki and Kotarou
ashley's parents: Misuki and Kotarou
(kairi and ashley are half sisters)
Ashley, Miyuki,Misuki,Kotarou, Ascott, master Clef my kh oc's
kairi is from Square Enix @
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